About The Intoxicating Professor

Heather McKechney has three loves, (ok she has a whole lot more, but three that are relevant) science, the world of food and beverage, & entertaining. As a chemistry professor she has educated countless students in all levels of chemistry from Intro Food Chemistry to Organic Chem. Now, she is taking that knowledge and using that to entertain audiences on any and every topic even tangentially related to food, beverages and science! Her greatest joy is when she gives someone a lightbulb moment while they are bursting out laughing at something she said!

Heather is a graduate of Duke University with a master’s degree in organic chemistry from the University of Rochester. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, owned her own cake decorating business, and for the past 13 years, taught chemistry at Monroe Community College. Today, Heather is using all of these life experiences to share her enjoyment and excitement with the world.